Ready for Take Off!

As we wait in the airport to launch off to South Africa, we are also launching our brand new website. We will blog including pictures as frequently (depending on internet in Africa). Currently, we are in New Jersey impatiently counting down one hour until take off to Germany. Just enjoyed deliciously sloppy New York style pizza near the city of New York. Zach, Klarissa, and Jon are playing hacky sack with an amused crowd of onlookers. Shani, April, Emily, and Anita are conversing about life and God while Kayla checks her Facebook one last time in the USA. Excitement is high as we anticipate God moving and among us for the next six weeks. We've all realized the call and its importance. 

Please continue to check our blog as we post blogs from our students themselves. 

See you in South Africa!

-Elizabeth & Jordy
Newark Liberty Airport (New Jersey)