Welcome to Africa

-25˚to 84˚. From blizzarding Ellendale, North Dakota to White River, Mpumalanga, South Africa.  After 48 hours of travel, we have arrived to Africa School of Missions. Yesterday, Spencer and Eben (staff of the school) fetched us at the Johannesburg airport and drove us four hours to White River. Last night we attended an authentic South African brie (barbecue) at Werner’s (principal of ASM) house. We ate boerivores, banana salad, green salad, and more delicious food. A home cooked dinner tasted amazing. Around 10pm, we crashed in our beds for the first time since Friday night. The frogs’ croaking soothed us to sleep. The sun greeted us early at 4:30am, but we slept until 7 or so. Today we toured the ASM campus and visited ministries. The view of mountains, gravel roads, flowering trees, blue skies, twisting highways, chirping birds, glimmering pool, grazing cows, and everything green is more than picturesque and refreshing. Africa is beautiful. We visited ASM’s impressive clinic and nursing school. A doctor’s visit costs only 50 rand ($5) for patients. This is all thanks to volunteers and missions support. Wow. Everyone at ASM has shown great hospitality. This afternoon we went up the mountain to visit a children’s ministry training center called Petra. When seen from afar, the mountain looks like a lion ready to pounce on its prey. We saw an incredible view of the entire Peebles Valley including the ASM campus, the Masoyi area full of homes, and the fields in between. We will visit this outlook again to pray over the area.  The team is doing great. Still overcoming a bit of jet lag, but everyone is in positive spirits anticipating tomorrow’s visit to Iris Ministries working with orphans. The students had a chance to call their families and give them reports. Now they are resting on the veranda with a cool breeze before our next activity.

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Today’s Prayer Focus: Rest and Health. Ministry to Orphans tomorrow.