Deep In The Village

Talk about heat! We are enjoying every minute. After the students lathered themselves with sunscreen, we went off to Village of Hope, a ministry of Iris Ministries. It is a bible school, community feeding center, children's ministry, dream center, and workplace for sustainable income like a sewing shop. There we were briefed of their ministry by Teiza (the director of Iris SA) and fed a traditional African meal of Pap and Chicken Stew. It was very delicious! Pap is sort of a corn meal and the chicken was very tender. Shortly after prayer for our day, Pastor Jeoffrey entered with a woman who had been tormented by evil spirits. The team ministered to her and prayed peace over her. It is amazing to see training come into action through moments like these. We then broke off into two teams and entered the village in two different directions. The hike down the mountainside was more than rigorous. It is a good thing that the students have been exercising at 7am four days a week for the past months. They conquered the rough terrain. We went into several different homes and prayed for many people. The streets were laced with shacks and block houses. The sight was difficult to embrace. Poverty is strong in this area…kids running around…grandmas taking care of households. Above all of the poverty was a huge sense of hospitality. We were welcomed into every home we went to and no one denied our prayers. The team was able to bring hope to every house, pray with a few for salvation, and saw a woman miraculously healed of pain in her legs. Talk about an action packed day! That was only two hours, we then headed back to the ministry center and taught a children’s lesson. We danced, sung, and played with the children. Joy and laughter filled the atmosphere. We then headed home, Jordy stopped and bought the team some biltong (hung dried beef cured with spices). It is like beef jerky on steroids! The team ended the day with a dip in the ASM pool and worship practice. God’s hand moved in and through our team. Continue to follow and share our adventure through Facebook and the website!


Prayer Focus: Meaningful relationships between team members and children, ministry workers, and each other