Jon in Tzaneen

Elizabeth, Kayla, April, Zach, and Klarissa spoke to four classes out on the field.

Elizabeth, Kayla, April, Zach, and Klarissa spoke to four classes out on the field.

We had the opportunity on Thursday to talk in front of students at Merensky school in Tzaneen. This city is a little bigger than White River and is known for its sangomas (witches) and the rain queen. Our group was split into two groups and I was with Shani, Emily, Anita, Spencer and Jordy. Talking in front of a group of people is very stressful for me so my heart was pounding as the kids piled into the room. We started speaking about how cold it was in the United States compared to South Africa. I heard gasps as we mentioned how the lakes freeze over and how we can drive on them! 

Shani spoke about unforgiveness, Anita spoke about how every one of them has great potential and importance, Emily about her experiences with high school, and Jordy about how he gave up a football career for the ministry. When it was my turn I spoke on how important an education was and picking a career that they are passionate about and not going into it just for the money. 


We finished and we opened up the room for questions. A young girl asked how we came to Christ! We were shocked that someone would ask. So we were able to share each of our testimonies of how we went through a tough time in our lives and when we realized that life wasn't the same without Christ. While we spoke, there were a few Muslims in the class and they were very receptive of the gospel. The first class ended and we were able to share our testimonies to another class period! Even though it was difficult for me I know that what I did was important and that seeds were planted in kid's hearts.

A few kids pulled a few of our team members aside afterwards and asked for prayer. A couple even asked about information on Trinity Bible College! It was a great experience and we get to do it again in White River on Monday!!


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Prayer Focus: Home sickness. Pray that these last two weeks in South Africa are the greatest, most life changing yet!!

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