Our South Africa Journey: Part 1

       This semester has run away with us! Hard to believe that our 6 weeks in South Africa has already come to a close. Our team of 27 experienced so much in that amount of time with lives being impacted and changed...especially our own. It is hard to put into words all that came to pass but what better way to give you a glimpse of our South African Journey than through the eyes of one of our students.

Becca overlooking the largest green canyon in the world

South Africa through Becca's Eyes:
"I honestly don't know where to start in describing the past six weeks of my life. I don't know how to communicate the things I have experienced. I don't know what to tell you or how I would begin to do so.
I am simply able to tell you what South Africa is to me.

  • South Africa is full of children that are smiling when your knowledge tells you they have no reason to do so.
  • South Africa is a place where servants of the living God are working hard every single day to care for His sheep and spread the good news of our Lord and Savior.
  • South Africa is a place where the sand gets in your bedsheets no matter what precautions you take.
  • South Africa is beautiful.
  • South Africa is full of memories I want to always remember.
  • South Africa is a place where the air smells different.
  • South Africa is where God took me to teach me more of His love and the implications of that love in my life. It's where God took me to tell me more of His plan.
  • South Africa is diverse everything -- it is especially diverse in people, language, culture, landscape, and lizards.


One of our precious lil friends from Lula Orphan Center
  • South Africa is where the people put butter on anything that has bread (e.g. hamburgers, hotdogs, and PB&J sandwiches)
  • South Africa made me feel older and different.
  • South Africa is a place where I was able to pick mangoes and eat them whenever I wanted to.
  • South Africa is a place where the great majority of the people will allow you to come into their house and pray over them if you simply yell into their yard and ask.
  • South Africa is where people hear your accent and figure you're either from America, Australia, or Switzerland. Who knows.
  • South Africa is where I saw houses without roofs and families without jobs and joy without explanation.
  • South Africa has sinful people that need God as much as I do.
  • South Africa is something I am thankful for." 

    If you would like to hear more of Becca's personal adventures, follow her blog - lionheartedlandloper.blogspot.com

This is only a glimpse into what these past weeks have meant to each of us. Every person we met and place we saw has left a permanent mark on our hearts.


More South Africa stories & pictures to come!!

Our Family of 27 

Our Family of 27