The Grand Finale | 2015-16

The month of May is upon us, and all we can ask is, "Where did the time go?"

PYB recently traveled to Israel, and it was a fantastic adventure. Until a person travels to Israel for their own experience, it is hard to describe the humbling feelings that come with walking in the same places that Jesus did during His time here on earth. From fishing in the sea of Galilee, riding camels in the Negev Desert, or the partaking of communion at the Garden Tomb, our time was well spent and memorable. 

On April 29th, the PackYourBags 2015-2016 year came to an all-too-soon end. We commemorated the students for their completion of the PYB experience. They walked off the stage and we watched as they went their own ways only to realize that they were not under our care any longer. The feelings that come with that realization are full of happiness, sadness, and excitement. There is something that happens within the PackYourBags family that only those who experience it will understand. A sense of belonging and family develops throughout the year, so when it's time to say goodbye, it is like saying goodbye to a brother or sister. We are proud of our team this year. They were quick to listen, intentional about growth, and willing to obey God no matter the cost. We know that God has great plans for them, and we also know that He is sending us another group of individuals that will impact this world for His glory. 

"This year, Pack Your Bags helped me learn how to develop a healthy devotional life and how to cultivate a closer relationship with Christ. Through the mission trips, my worldview has expanded and my passion for the lost has grown exponentially. By events experienced in Africa, I have found myself to have an even greater heart for the medical field. I have also learned more about myself and who I am in Christ. And I have learned great communication skills as I spent the last 8 months of my life with the same 11 people. And now I have my own Pack Your Bags family forever in my heart." -Rachel


"Spending a year in Pack Your Bags has changed my life. This program has taught me so much about myself, and also more about God. I have had countless memories throughout this year that I will never forget! I will truly miss Pack Your Bags, but I know what this program has taught me will leave a lasting impact on my life!" -Tim



In the close of this year, we are left thinking about how faithful God was to us this past year. Through the transition of leaders, flight delays, healed bodies, and growing testimonies we are left with the feeling of satisfaction. God is GOOD!