This is a unique, undistracted year to encounter God intimately, travel across the world, and discover your potential in Christ. When college, career, or marriage begins, a year like this may be impossible. 


This is not just a more interesting Freshmen year, but a year designed to prepare you for life. This means more than just college courses and involves several Key Aspects including mentorship, biblically based courses, life skills, service opportunities, and guidance all the way to the next stage and life. That is why after 5 years we have changed some aspects of the PackYourBags Experience to help develop students. This means less college credits and more creative sessions covering biblical topics, life skills, personal development, & so much more.

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Statistics show that only 30% students will graduate on time and the average student will change their major 2 to 3 times through college thus resulting in lost time and money. Taking this year off will guide students to determine God's plan for the rest of your life. This initial investment will pay off exponentially in the future. PackYourBags positions students to hear God’s voice through seeking, learning, and serving.

Declutter your life.
Find out who you are.
Discover what your heart beats for.


We encourage students to attend college. However, with 80% of students entering college with an undecided major and undefined purpose, PYB aims to help students find a clear direction and secure identity before beginning their college or career. In his podcast, "Six Benefits of a Gap Year", Tim Elmore emphasizes the importance of a constructive gap year for high school grads and young adults. A gap year:

  1. Gives them time to clarify their identity

  2. Enables them to develop their emotional intelligence

  3. Helps them choose a college & career that actually fits

  4. Equips them to find and stick to their strength zone

  5. Teaches them to find mentors

  6. Gives them a place to mature

(Listen to the whole podcast here: Six Benefits of a Gap Year

The best education is the one you experience.