PackYourBags is an 8-month life changing experience–

Travel the world,

Find direction,

Serve others,

Share Christ,

and Grow deeply with God.


In one school-year, visit a Native American Reservation, an inner city, Israel, and South Africa, NePAL, or the Philippines.

Earn college credits in these four focus areas: Life Skills, Ministry & Missions, Biblical Training, and Career Guidance.

PackYourBags and get ready for the best eight months of your life!


PackYourBags (PYB) is designed for high school graduates looking to dedicate one year to seek God and serve others. It is particularly beneficial for those who are unclear about the next step in their lives. PYB positions students to hear God’s voice through seeking, learning, and serving. 

Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, North Dakota is our base for learning and training. From there, we travel to four locations – Israel, a Native American Reservation, an inner city, and South Africa or the Philippines.


Our ministry is diverse. Simply put, we share the love of God through words and actions everywhere we go, however we can. We often partner with local ministries to strengthen their ongoing work – whether that is street ministry, leading a worship service, playing with orphaned children, preaching in a high school, doing construction work, or stocking a food shelf.

Pray hard, play hard. We also engage with the world through adventure. Hike, kayak, ride camels, camp in the desert, go on an African safari, and more.

Community. Growth.  Ministry. The team takes courses through Trinity Bible College for personal growth. They pursue God together. They prepare for ministry together. They reach the lost together. The team becomes family. They discover more about God, themselves, and their future through courses, mentoring, and their experiences.

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.
— Eleanor Roosevelt


Students are enrolled in accredited courses through Trinity Bible College. The core PYB courses total 12 credits and are specially selected to cover life skills, Biblical foundations, and ministry training. They cover topics, such as missions, theology, evangelism, money management, hearing God’s voice, developing an intimate relationship with God, and more. 

Fall 2018 Semester

  • Intro to College (1 Credit)

  • Intro to Theology & Christian Worldview (3 Credits)

  • Life of Christ (2 Credits)

Spring 2019 Semester

  • Spiritual Formation (1 Credit)

  • Personal Finance (2 Credits)

  • Holy Land Studies (3 Credits)

While on campus, students attend class with other Trinity Bible College students to get a taste of college life. They also have daily PackYourBags sessions where the team learns together, discusses, prays, trains, and prepares for the trips.


The Advanced Curriculum Option

If a student wishes to earn more credits toward a future degree, they may choose the Advanced Curriculum option which allows them to earn up to 32 credits. The additional credits are added at the student’s expense and are not included in the cost of PackYourBags. Since the student is first a PackYourBags student, they must practice careful time management to complete the extra coursework this would entail.

Advanced Curriculum (optional)

  • Core PYB Curriculum (6 credits/semester)

  • Plus, up to 10 additional credits of your choice per semester

  • Additional credits not included in the cost of PackYourBags

Core PackYourBags Curriculum

  • 6 credits per semester

  • Included in cost of PYB




Our mission is Christian Preparation. We desire to prepare students for life whether they choose to pursue a college education or join the workforce. This preparation includes Biblical learning, life skills training, missions, and career counseling. We accomplish this and more through one incredible adventure.


  • The Kingdom of God — Kingdom culture infiltrating the nations of this world

  • Spiritual Mentoring — Raising up the next generation through relationship

  • Real Relationships — Entering into relationships where we can be real, vulnerable, and encourage one another to grow closer to God and walk out our identity and destiny in Christ

  • Personal Discipline — developing self-control in exercise, diet, and spiritual walk

  • Career Mentoring — Identifying student’s gifts and where they can be best applied

  • Hands-On Ministry Training — learning to evangelize and minister to others

  • Spiritual Gifts — discovering spiritual gifts and how to move in them

  • Marketplace Ministry — Raising up people of character and honor to effectively influence the marketplace (business, education, entertainment, etc.)