Help lead others on an Adventure to seek a stronger relationship with Christ!

What we are offering?

 ~ Elizabeth Gonzales PYB Intern '16

~ Elizabeth Gonzales PYB Intern '16

We are offering a 9-month internship with hands-on training in core aspects of ministry. You will work directly beside the leaders of PackYourBags to mentor young adults transitioning from highschool to college. 

  • Experience a year of Spiritual Growth
  • Practicing ministry in a safe atmosphere
  • Test and discover your leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Experience Christian Mentorship
  • Learn practical skills

Join our dedicated staff and begin mentoring students this next school year. We begin the journey reaching out and building up our students and then  We are dedicated to the cause of Christ and spreading this passion.

How Long is It?

Our Internship lasts from August 15 until May 12. The program lasts two college semesters with a break for Christmas in between.

 ~ Liz Glass PYB Intern '15

~ Liz Glass PYB Intern '15

What Does it Cost?

Free?! Yes this is a free year to travel the World and explore what it means to be in christian leadership. We cover your housing, meals, and all travel expenses. This means your only financial commitment will be are personal expenses such as hygiene items, snacks, phone bill, etc.

WHERE will I stay?

We are based in the delightful town of Ellendale, North Dakota for most of the 9 months.  We will spend a good amount of the two semester traveling to a Native American Reservation, An American Inner City, Israel, and South Africa. While on base at Trinity, you may enjoy free Wi-Fi, the 701 Cafe, state of the art fitness center, cafeteria, library, lounges, chapel, and the peaceful campus. Want a free hot drink? What better place than in the PYB offices? Enjoy a coffee in the morning to refresh and energize you. 


You may be wondering what makes interning with PYB so special?  If you desire to do ministry but you may not feel ready to step out on your own, this is a chance to see leadership in ministry daily. You will experience various situations throughout the year that will stretch you and make you better understand what it means to lead others in ministry. Interning for PYB is a great experience and we know that if you choose to join us for the adventure you will see tremendous growth.

 ~ Shani Hern PYB Intern '14

~ Shani Hern PYB Intern '14


Are you most or all of the following? Between the ages of 20 and 25. Some leadership experience. Desire to grow as an individual, in your relationship with God, and in your gifts. Willing to abide by Trinity's Code of Conduct. Any form of post high school training or education. Have a desire and maturity to minister one-on-one to others in a mentoring capacity. Self-disciplined. Ability to follow through on tasks. Some administrative ability (organization, computer skills, social media, etc.). Enjoy travel. Have a heart for missions.







  1. Follow this link to complete a brief application: Apply Here
  2. Send your resume and photo to the address below.
  3. We will be in contact with you!

50 6th Ave S #520
Ellendale, ND 58436

Contact us!
(701) 349-5443.