Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start and finish? Move in weekend is August 20 & 21, 2016. Housing will not be available before this date. Graduation will be the weekend of April 29, 2017. Students will have a Christmas break from the beginning of December to the beginning of January.

How long does the application process take? Once we have received all application items, we may conduct an interview in-person, online, or over the phone. You will be notified via mail of your acceptance status.

Can I get a job while in PYB? Due to the weekly schedule and travel requirements, students will not be able to work a day to day job. However, when students have free time they may be able to work. Approval must be given by PYB directors.

Can I have a dating relationship while in PYB?  We believe that positive relationships are essential for a successful year in PYB and students are encouraged to treat their PYB teammates as brothers and sisters in Christ. Because of the program's purpose and format, new dating relationships are not allowed to begin at any time during the PYB eight month program. This includes relationships with other PYB students, TBC students and/or others outside the TBC community. This is a year dedicated to God and it should be treated as such; it is the student's responsibility to guard your heart and mind before romantic feelings progress.


Do I need a vehicle? No. You may have your own vehicle, but it is not required. We will always travel in team vehicles on group outings. If you have your vehicle at the TBC base, a valid driver's license and auto insurance is required.

Do I need a laptop? It is highly advised that students have their own laptop because of the online courses, but it is not necessary as you will have access to computers.

Where will we live? While on base at TBC, students will live in dormitory style with PYB roommates. Rent is included in tuition costs. While on mission trips, there will be different types of living quarters. Ladies and Men's quarters are always separate. 

Do we get days off? Students will have at least one free day a week. There are also days off for certain holidays. Christmas break extends from the beginning of December to the beginning of January.

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Can we visit family? If so, how often? Students may use their free days and breaks to visit family. Students may request time off to visit their families in conjunction to keeping all PYB commitments and responsibilities. The request must be placed a week in advance.

How Do I Apply? Print off the application found under "Apply Now". Fill out it and mail it in with the other required materials!

Can I Stop By to Visit? Yes! You're welcome to visit us anytime. We would love to grab a coffee and chat with you.

Do I get college credits? Yes, you will earn 24 college credits upon successful completion of courses. Due to PYB's travel schedule, these are taken through Trinity Bible College's Distance Education and are integrated into the PYB program. These credits may be transferred to other colleges if desired.

If I choose to attend Trinity Bible College after successfully completing PackYourBags, will I be entering my sophomore year? How far will I be into my degree?  PackYourBags students complete 24 college credits, most of which are foundational freshman and sophomore level courses at Trinity. Each of Trinity's majors requires different courses and different amounts of credits, therefore it simply depends on the major that you choose after PYB. If you would like to see the classes and credits required for each major at Trinity, you may check out Trinity's academic catalog at this link.

Is Financial Aid available? Because PYB students take 24 Distance Education credits, students have the option to apply for financial aid to go towards the cost of these courses. Upon acceptance to PYB, students are recommended to fill out their FAFSA to see the loans and/or grants they will receive. ( PackYourBags students are not eligible for Trinity scholarships offered to traditional students.

Are scholarships available? PackYourBags students are not eligible for Trinity institutional scholarships offered to traditional students. All PYB students are eligible to receive a $1,800 scholarship from Trinity. This discount is already accounted into the total cost of PYB. 

If you have any more questions about PackYourBags and the values we hold to, please refer to our Student Handbook