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Cost for 2019-2020 PackYourBags experience
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"You cannot measure an experience that changes your life in simple dollars & cents. The best investments, the ones that shape you for the future, are priceless."

2019-2020 School Year

cost breakdown

Tuition            $9,228
General Fee    $1,889
Travel Fee      $9,000
Meal Plan       $2,244
Room Rate      $2,000
Total             $24,361


This covers trip expenses, campus amenities, 6 college credits per semester, room, board, and other expenses. This does not include personal expenses, such as snacks, personal hygiene items, etc. We do our best to minimize expenses and make this year an invaluable investment in yourself and your future.

If you choose the Advanced Curriculum route (optional), additional courses are $493 per credit.


YES, federal financial aid is available. Most students are eligible for grants and loans upon completion of their FAFSA.

PackYourBags students can receive up to two Preview Day ($500) or College Days ($500) scholarships. They can also receive the Early Bird Registration ($250) scholarship (link). PackYourBags students are not eligible for other Trinity institutional scholarship because the cost of tuition, room, board, and fees has already been significantly discounted for the PackYourBags experience.



Students are encouraged to raise funds through the support of family, friends, their church, and local businesses. This is an opportunity for others to partner with God’s work here and around the world! We have seen God provide miraculously for PYB students time and time again.

 Start saving and raising support now. Take action and trust God will provide!

Support a student, impact the world.