The Adventures of April

Monday morning was spent in chapel listening to three ASM's students testimonies, devotionals, studying and retrieving my debit card which an ATM machine decided to eat. Yes, my debit card was engulfed by a hungry ATM machine as I was trying to get some rand for ketchup chips and chocolate. But no worries, my beloved debit card is back in my wallet thanks to our team supervisor, Spencer. Following the retrieving of my debit card we had lunch and headed off to "Ten Thousand Homes" where we would be helping out at this whole week. It was (and always is) a beautiful drive into the mountains.


Upon arrival we met the lovely couple who looked pretty cool I might add. They are helpers at Ten Thousands Homes and they would be "in charge" of us this week. We also met a man who talked like a surfer, sounded like an Australian, but grew up in Texas and currently lives in South Africa who also works there and a slobbery dog who Klarissa was not too fond of. After introductions and getting to know a little more about the ministry, we headed off to a local feeding program where we would help do a short kids program, play with the kids, and help distribute food. The drive took a bit, but the African mountains never get boring to look at.

As we pulled in, some children were already hanging around and we were greeted by friendly locals. I scooped up the first child I could, who was a sweet little girl in a dirty little tank top. We played, but eventually she moved on to another team member and I found myself holding a big browned eyed young boy who just wanted someone to hold him as he went in and out of sleep. I rocked him back and forth and said a prayer for him and his future as we watched the other team members play soccer with the children. It always makes me laugh how funny these children get when a camera comes out, so I smiled as I observed all the children Shani had on her lap looking at themselves through her iPad camera. I wonder if they have ever seen something like an iPad… probably not.

One of the best feelings in the world is meeting a child who will NOT smile for anything and finally getting to see their eyes wrinkle up and cute little teeth show from behind their previously frowned mouth. Klarissa held a young boy who we could not get to smile at anything! We made funny noises, looked ridiculous, and made complete fools out of ourselves… and nothing! But alas, Klarissa ran up to me after a while and showed me how he finally would smile when she throws him up into the air and catches him. I rarely saw his frowned face after that for the rest of the time. 

Anita led the short kids program which was about Daniel in the Lion's Den after doing a couple songs (which made us look ridiculous!) and we ended the program with a few questions and proceeded to help distribute food. Personally, I saw a bit of God in every child's eyes that I looked into. It was a great, great day here in South Africa. 


The PackYourBags team is staying at Africa School of Missions. Meet a few of the amazing students on campus!