The Journey Begins!


Year six of PackYourBags is off to a great start! We have 24 amazing students who stepped onto this campus with the same common goal: growing in their relationship with Christ & seeing where He will lead them. And three weeks ago, that journey began. These weeks have been filled with precious times spent in the Lord's presence, lots of laughter, and learning inside and outside of the classroom. The first tastes of college life & discussing what this year will hold has sparked anticipation for all of the adventures ahead! Please pray that God uses these sparks to light an unquenchable fire in each life.

Honestly, one of the best parts of being in PackYourBags is who you get to spend it with. Year after year, we are amazed to see how fast and deep the friendships form and develop. This year is no exception. This year we have 2 PackYourBags teams, Asia & Africa, so watch out for separate posts and travels this year. However, regardless of where they are traveling we have definitely bonded within our greater PackYourBags team.

Over Labor Day weekend, we all packed our bags and headed up north for a team get-away. It is always so great to be surrounded by God’s beautiful creation and compete together in various team challenges, including the traditional high ropes course!

Kennedy Thompson Photography

Kennedy Thompson Photography

Kennedy Thompson Photography

The high ropes always challenges the students as individuals and as a team. The change from day 1 to day 2 to day 3 is amazing to watch.

They seemed to walk in more courage and really challenge themselves, while realizing the importance of encouragement.

When not on the high ropes you could find the team enthusiastically playing games & simply getting to know one another better. We also had a great time competing against each other in team vs team challenges which included egg races, cereal box puzzles, and even building a cardboard raft!

One of my favorite memories, from a leaders perspective, was during a prayer & worship time one evening. We were all pretty tired from the days events, yet each student chose to engage and glorify God. Those are the times when I think we make the Lord proud. When we forget about circumstances and worship Him because He is always good! As our team worshiped together, the Lord began breaking down preconceived walls & bondage! It was beautiful to see that God's growth has already begun. 


We hope you enjoy following the Africa and Asia teams as they adventure around the globe! Please share what God is doing in each students life through the PackYourBags Experience.

We look with anticipation and KNOW the Lord is going to move through these teams in a profound way!