Noa Reflects on South Africa

We have been back from South Africa for about a week. As we have taken time to reflect on our experiences, we have been encouraged that God has molded each of our lives in one way or another. Noa shares her reflection about an experience she had and learning that even though prayer may not seem like much, it makes a huge difference...

"My time in South Africa had been filled with laughter shared among friends, tears shed among strangers, and countless little hands reaching out for more and more love. Each day I woke up and thanked God one more time for placing me in that beautiful country, and giving me the priceless opportunity.  In the course of six weeks I had been shown so much and I had learned from every little experience that I had been put through. Even on days that we didn't do much, I still learned from the people around me, the things that they said, and the way that they acted had helped me grow so much. Allow me to tell you of one such instance where I felt helpless and had to rely on God to get me through my emotions. 

I met a young girl named Sharom and she stole my heart. At only ten years of age she had already seen and been through so much in her. She had asked me to take her with me and I had to say no and watch, with pain in my heart, as  her face grew downcast. All she needed was someone to love her and to take care of her. All I wanted to do was to be that person. I had so many questions running through my head as I spoke to Sharom and asked her questions about her school, and answered the questions that she had for me. She wrote me a letter saying that she would like to come with me. After reading the letter I had to look into her eyes, as the tears filled mine, and say, “I want to take you with me so badly, but I can’t, I am so sorry. But, if you promise to pray for me, I promise to pray for you every day, and to keep you in my thoughts.”   She held my hand as I walked to the car and gave me so many precious hugs  as I fought back the tears that were threatening to fall at any moment. I watched her as we drove away, watched her stand there alone, with no one to hold her, and no one to love her. As soon as we drove away I wept, I was heartbroken over the fact that I could do nothing more for her except pray. "

I lost a little bit of my heart today...I am content in knowing that it went to a good place. The Lord filleth my cup to overflowing, my soul longs for more!
— Noa

We hold Africa dear to our hearts and hang on to the memories and lessons we learned. Tomorrow we leave for Israel for yet another experience of a lifetime. Please keep us in your prayers as we endeavor on another ten day spiritual experience.