greetings from south africa!

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The simplest ways to show people love are definitely the most rewarding and life changing. –Dusty

The history of South Africa is similar to our history in America. I have also learned a lot about the struggles that the people here deal with in their everyday lives. –Josh

I’m looking forward to learning more about the people and their culture. I learned not to pick every flower because they could be poisonous. –Guy


Our time in South Africa has been amazingly blessed. We've already experienced so much.

  • Visiting the Apartheid Museum, Voortrekker Monument, and the capitol buildings in Johannesburg

  • Learning about South Africa's history and understanding the culture

  • Sharing our testimonies at a youth group in Johannesburg

  • Talking and praying with the youth one on one 

  • Attending an African Assemblies of God church in Nelspruit

  • Enjoying an authentic meal of pap, chicken, bean salad, and more

  • Hiking to the top of Legogote mountain

  • Driving through Johannesburg and seeing large, elegant homes with perfectly manicured lawns

  • Driving through large communities near White River and seeing extreme poverty where people live in houses of cement blocks and tin

  • Learning how to love and reach out to traumatized children

  • Applying what we learned with the children in the community 

  • Playing, singing, dancing, praying for, and listening to the stories of the children in the community

This week has been heavy  spiritually, emotionally, and even the relentless African rains. Pray that God would strengthen our hearts and give us even more passion to minister here! We are all so excited for what God will do in the next four weeks. 



The Holy Spirit can be felt even if I cannot understand a single thing that is going on. –Hannah

There is so much I don’t need in my life. Here, I have had to simplify and it makes me happy to have more time to focus on the important things. –Shannon

I've learned the best way to show traumatized children the love of God without furthering the trauma of their lives. –Stephen

God will answer our requests at the most unsuspecting times. He is pushing my way outside of my comfort zone. I wouldn’t change it for the world. -Noa