Anita's Angle

Pastor Jeoffrey leading us through Backdoor to pray for people in their homes

Minus the daily encounter with bugs and frogs of various sizes, my experience so far in South Africa has been quite brilliant! What has impacted me most so far has been our adventures in the community of Backdoor.

Ministering and affecting people’s lives so simply there has made me have a new passion for America and the communities I reside in. I loved being able to pray with people and hear what they had to say even if it was only for a little while.


This past week, we have been attending a class at ASM called Walking with Wounded Children. The whole class has been about how to get others (especially children) to share their stories of hurt and abuse. It gave us all really practical information that we can apply to our daily lives like how to listen to someone who is sharing something personal.

The week went really well and we ended it with some fun ASM fellowship including ultimate Frisbee and ice cream! 


Principal Werner even joined us for ultimate frisbee!!